Celebration of the opening of the new office

21 May 2018 was a special evening in the Sint Lambertuskerk on Hoogstraat in Eindhoven. It was the occasion to celebrate the opening of the new building of the organization Vluchteling in de Knel. They chose to celebrate with a vibrant reading and debate evening with well- known speakers. The theme of the evening was “Afgewezen vluchtelingen in Eindhoven: wensen, mogelijkheden en zorgen voor de toekomst’. (Refused Refugees in Eindhoven: wishes, possibilities and concerns for the Future).

The two main speakers of the evening were the city council member Renate Richters (wethouder, Care, well- being and Poverty reduction) and the advocate Pim Fischer.

The evening opened with Ms Veronika Pisorn telling the audience about how Vluchteling in de Knel have been helping the Refugees who have been refused stay.

Later Ms Richters spoke on why the municipality of Eindhoven is committed for rejected refugees and how the municipality wish to continue working for this group.

Pim Fischer has been working for the target groups since many years and spoke about the socio- economic rights of the excluded group.

The audience also got to hear about the experiences of two refugees who were helped by Vluchteling in de Knel.

The evening ended with the opening of the building by Sister Bets and was followed by a festive get together.

A report by Chaitali Sengupta

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